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1957 Chevrolet "restro rod"


Cal-Look 1951 Split Window 


1976 VW Westfalia Camper

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The frame-off rebuild of a 
1957 Chevrolet sedan
Marc Buehler's Original Cal-Look 
1951 VW sedan
Saving a 
1976 VW Westfalia Camper
September  2004 



I've always loved the '57.  I've owned a couple of '55 Chevys in my younger days but never had the opportunity (money and a good deal) to purchase one. Now that I'm going through my 3rd mid-life crisis, I've decided that it's now or never. 

      As luck would have it, I found a car, a car that had a lot of potential. September 18, 2004, I purchase the car.

     Eight months later, with the help of my good friend, Bob Spencer and his fabrication and bodywork skills, I'm driving my '57 Chevy 'Retro Mod'. See how it was done on my website.


                                                             May  2005






 1972 - 1975

What makes this car an 'original'?

It's So California, the early seventies;  the "in" car is the VW beetle.  A  popular style of customization involved removing chrome, eliminating the unnecessary, lowering the front and running a high performance motor.

In 1975, Hot VWs magazine described this style to the world and gave it a name, "The California Look" or "Cal-look". A look that now every VW enthusiast recognizes. They used five cars as examples in that article.  I was the owner of one of those original Cal-Look cars and still own it today.  

In 2009-2010 I did a complete body-off restoration, landing on the covers of several VW oriented magazines all over the world.  This web site documents the history.



   July 2012



This VW camper had been sitting for over 7 years in a neighbor's driveway.  It had plenty of rust and a previous owner had done some questionable repairs and modifications. 

It seemed such a waste to let it just die and in a weak moment,  I approached the owner with an offer, bought it and found myself knee deep in another major car project.



       Oct  2013




                                     No rust is a must!